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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."


~ Henry Ford

  • Chiller Plant Optimization and Analytics

    Highmark has teamed with Entic to offer a cloud-based technology that integrates with all standard building management systems (BMS) and HVAC infrastructures to provide a common, comprehensive and unbiased window into a central HVAC plant’s condition and performance. Entic’s solutions are based on two distinct technologies that combine to produce significant results, HVAC Analytics (BITS™) and Optimization (BOTS™). Entic’s technology is able to predict, diagnose and proactively orchestrate appropriate corrections and responses around the clock while achieving unprecedented performance and economy; dramatically lowering a facility’s average kilowatt per ton (kW/ton) without compromising occupant comfort.
  • Energy Recovery Chilled/Hot Water Systems

    Highmark has teamed with Aermec to bring to market a groundbreaking solution that offers all the benefits of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) without any of the drawbacks. Aermec’s simultaneous heating and cooling chiller (air cooled or water cooled) can meet a chilled water setpoint and a hot water setpoint at the same time through smart energy recovery technology that resides on the chiller. The 4-pipe chilled water and hot water piping can be coupled with Aermec’s silent, energy efficient fan coils as well as air handlers for any special needs. This offers the benefit of recovering energy from the entire building on one system rather than multiple small ones. Aermec’s system also eliminates the requirement for inefficient 100% outside air DX equipment and extensive refrigerant piping that is impossible to maintain. Additionally, there are no health risks or building code issues related the massive amounts of refrigerant that could leak into small rooms.
  • Water Management Systems

    Combining storm water control and water conservation, Highmark has teamed with Aquanomix to offer a unique environmental solution. The Aquanomix system manages the re-purposing of storm water, rainwater, or gray water for usage within a building. Aquanomix creates a synergy between water use and water conservation resulting in reduced fresh water usage in our mechanical systems and less impact on municipal sewer system.
  • Building Load Deferment Systems

    Highmark’s building load deferment systems (BLDS) enables buildings to utilize energy in a smart manner. We are able to defer energy usage to times of day when energy is produced in a more environmentally friendly manner and at a cheaper rate. This allows renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, to take a stronger position in the energy marketplace while reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. At Highmark we enable our customers to take full advantage of smart grid technologies. We offer our expertise and partnerships in ice storage systems and intelligent building controls to save building owners unprecedented operational costs without sacrificing comfort.
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