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~Henry Ford

  • Chillers

    Aermec, is redefining the chilled water industry by putting product and manufacturing technology first. Whether it is their industry leading acoustic performance, game changing Variable Multi Flow control
    system, MultiScroll Compressor Technology, advanced free cooling options or energy recovery options
    Aermec is optimizing performance. All Aermec chillers are manufactured in their ISO 9001 manufacturing facility and are UL listed and AHRI certified.
  • Fan Coils

    Highmark has teamed with Aermec to bring their silent fan coil unit technology to the New York arket. Featuring European styling cues, cutting edge control sequences, improved energy consumption and industry leading sound performance; Aermec is re-imagining what a fan coil unit can do.
  • Water Management Systems

    In response to the worlds growing water management problem, Aquanomix developed new technology in 2011 to help building owners utilize rainwater in much more effective manner. Aquanomix is one of the only solutions available to battle the growing regulations by the EPA and the impending institution of taxation on water usage and stormwater dumping. Their technology is poised to become the leader in how buildings manage rainwater to ensure a sustainable future in New York City.
  • Cooling Towers

    Mesan cooling towers offer a state-of-the-art drive system, low sound solutions, and energy efficient design. Mesan Towers are manufactured under the industries strictest quality control and as a result have been awarded ISO-9001-2008 certification. The entire product line is ASHRAE 90.1-2010 certified and have obtained CTI-STD-201 performance certification. They offer induced and forced draft; crossflow and counterflow; and galvanized, stainless, or fiberglass contruction. Mesan is leap-frogging the competition.
  • Chiller Plant Analytics

    BITS™ (building intelligence technology solution) reads data from a building's management system and uses comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of data points and operational variables in real-time via a secure Internet connection. BITS uses predictive analytics at the chiller and airside level to detect issues, calculate associated annual energy savings, measure achievable peak performance, monitor a plant's health and efficiency, and generate alerts. BITS is completely automated and does not rely on error-prone human diagnosis
  • Ice Storage Systems

    With the necessary transition to more renewable sustainable sources of energy, it is becoming more and more important for buildings to become smarter with their energy usage. Cristopia offers building owners the opportunity to defer energy usage to nighttime hours when energy is produced more cheaply and in a more environmentally friendly manner. This, in turn, also reduces daytime demand. The Cristopia system stores ice that is made overnight and melts it during the daytime hours for cooling. Highmark has teamed with Cristopia because of their ability to customize their footprint for any application. Additionally, Cristopia’s ice density is higher than any other viable solution. These two benefits allow owners to keep as much valuable real estate as possible while transitioning to smarter energy usage.
  • Critical Ice Systems

    Similar to Cristopia, IceSynergy utilizes ice slurry to defer energy usage or cooling to alternate times. IceSynergy is ideal for critical applications, such as data centers and manufacturing, due to their ability to discharge cooling at a faster rate than any other available system. An IceSynergy system is an ideal replacement for chilled water.
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